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Learn about EarthPowerment’s conservation vision and life coach Kirsten Koel.


About Earthpowerment


Earthpowerment is a conservation-centered life coaching company dedicated to helping people reclaim who they are and fulfill their life’s purpose.


Life Coaching is a powerful process of exploring current and desired circumstances, examining obstacles and challenges, using tools to change patterns of thinking, and celebrating as the client starts to see their dreams unfold! 

Earthpowerment combines this process with stories, experiences, and inspiration from imperiled species, in the hopes of raising awareness and financially supporting initiatives that protect these species from extinction. It is our vision that as we heal pain within ourselves, we help heal the damage done to our planet. 



About Kirsten

Washington nature-based life coach

Hi! I’m Kirsten Koel, founder of Earthpowerment and Life Coach trained by the Martha Beck Institute.

I am devoted to helping you learn to calm your fears, follow your inner compass, and create the life of your dreams.

I became a Life Coach because the coaching process has brought me more peace, bliss, fulfillment, and connection than anything else I’ve ever discovered, and I want to share it with you. 


I sought relief in personal development after having a “quarter-life crisis” at 23;

have you ever woken up one day, and realized you were living a life that wasn’t yours?


That’s what happened to me, three years ago. I was immersed in academia, putting together my applications for Veterinary School, working and volunteering at the teaching hospital, and designing research projects in my “free” time- and I was miserable. I was anxious, listless, disconnected from my passion, and 50 pounds heavier. And suddenly, VERY aware of it all. 


I felt so far away from the confident, enthusiastic person I used to be that I wondered if those parts of me were gone for good. I struggled to envision, let alone experience, the deeply intimate partnership and friendships I craved. When I had free time I mostly spent it shut in my apartment, binging on food and watching Netflix instead of living the experiences I longed for. I knew I wanted much more than the version of life I was currently living.


As I finished my degree in conservation, I found myself completely captivated by studying and exploring coaching. The coaching tools taught me to meet negative thoughts with an outpouring of love, while also steering my thoughts, emotions, actions, and therefore results in a more positive direction. I re-met my authentic self, and started bringing a new, more delicious version of life into my reality- one really scary yet enticing leap at a time. After graduation, I spent the summer traveling to Namibia and Thailand, dreaming up my business, and moving across the country to a city I’d never been to and knew no one in- the perfect place to create a brand new life for myself. 


empowerment coach

I’ve since filled my life with the satisfying relationships, experiences, and soul-guided aspirations I desired. Yet I’m continually crafting my ideal life- one filled with hiking, traveling, reading books with my cat curled up on my lap, a career that makes me feel truly alive, and clients I love to work with. I use the coaching tools every day to help navigate challenges with more confidence, reach the goals I yearn for, and make my mind a more peaceful, joyful, and loving place to be.


My deepest hope in sharing my story is this- I want you to know that

you already have within you everything you need to live a truly juicy life.

A life that’s guided by your deepest intuition and completely unique to your true nature.


If you’re not entirely happy with the life you’re living,

if you are happy but want to add a little more zest,

if you’ve got a big dream but aren’t taking steps to make it a reality,

let’s craft a new story together.


I’m honored you’re here, and can’t wait to connect with you!