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The official Earthpowerment blog written by life coach Kirsten Koel. Writings on self love, goals, and more inspired by nature and life!

But The Bobcat Told Me To! Guidance From Wildlife

My wish for you is that you let the animals speak to you. To receive your message, first open your mind to the idea that this creature has some encouragement or medicine it’s trying to gift you. Next- let your creative, intuitive, and deeper self out to play by thinking about your encounter with the animal. Were you pondering something important before this messenger appeared to you? Is there an area of your life you’ve been wishing to gain insight on lately? Did a message pop into your head as you think about the encounter or sign? If not, try holding the experience in your mind and try mentally asking your messenger questions. There is no wrong way to do this. If a message you receive feels true or intriguing- and especially if your body relaxes as you think about it- it’s a message that's meant for you!

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This Blog Post Sucks

Putting yourself out there is so much more important than doing those things perfectly. You can spend hours over-analyzing every detail ad nauseam. You can tweak and polish and adjust and over-prepare to the point of exhaustion. Or, you could go for it knowing your best and imperfect effort is good enough, and learn as you go. Open up a world of possibilities- be willing to suck. 

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When The Fires of Your Life Burn Bright

I’m always on the hunt for metaphors that help me understand life, it occurred to me that perhaps the fires each of us experience in our own lives could be viewed the same way. The changes we face can bring immense loss and sadness, but what if we had the courage to trust that the fire was actually clearing the way for exciting new growth, and a healthier, stronger future than ever? 

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Being Gentle Within Exhaustion

Recently, I was going through a tumultuous time in my personal life. Uncertainty and mounting pressure had caused a raging whirlwind of negative emotions. Having suffered from an overactive mind and overstimulated nervous system in the past, I knew getting out into nature would be the perfect remedy.

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