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A cheetah themed life coaching experience for those ready to befriend their fears, amplify their bravery, and start seeing their dreams take form. 


Only Prey Runs—a Life Coaching program

The African sun.

Whispers that rush through the nodding grass.

A flash of golden spotted fur…

Can you feel them calling out to you?

Can you feel the messages they have for you?


Oh, dreamer soul, you have this yearning within you. You’ve got big goals, but they’ve been waiting for you, untouched, for some time now.

Or maybe you just want a life that feels richer, but taking action to bring it into reality has seemed too overwhelming, too big, too scary.

You’ve felt doubtful, frustrated, limited, and stuck in place. Like you’re watching from the sidelines and shrinking your life down due to fear.


You sense that there’s a bigger life waiting for you. You want to launch that green business, plan that solo travel trip, apply for that graduate program, mentor young women, or simply live life with renewed vigor. So you’ve been trying to fight your fears, because you’ve been told that would move you toward the experiences and life you want, but that only seems to make the fear stronger. Creating what you envision can be messy and confusing.


Your struggle is sensed. Your feelings are honored. And yet…


There’s another way.

Your way- lead by your own inner knowing.

One that makes you feel brave, adventurous, empowered, centered, and capable.

You’re ready, you just want guidance along the way. You need a fresh approach that revolves around responding to your fears with love, and powerful tools to navigate sticking points and alchemize the journey. You want to befriend and soothe your fears, rather than fight them. 


The spirit of the Cheetah is here to show you how.

coaching + conservation

In Only Prey Runs, we will use a blend of illuminating lessons from my time volunteering with cheetahs in Africa and coaching tools designed to uplift and empower you.

We’ll work together to clarify your desires, start bringing the experiences you crave into the real world, and give you special tools to handle challenges and obstacles along the way.

Only Prey Runs is designed specifically for those who are ready to make peace with their fears, amplify their bravery, and start seeing their dreams take form. 



Here’s how we’ll do it.


coaching with nature

Module One-

Amplify your intuition. Tune in to your inner compass. Experience how your body communicates with you, and learn to let your body guide you toward what your soul yearns for even if your mind is full of doubt.


Module Two-

Pick your prey. Identify the experiences and goals that have been calling out to you. What have you wanted to create or do, but has seemed out of reach? This can be one big juicy ambition, or many smaller adventures that would enrich your life. We’ll create a framework that helps you move toward your goals in a manageable way while gaining confidence at the same time. Re-ignite your dreams. Get ready to welcome them in.


Module Three-

What’s been keeping you from achieving all those delicious goals you listed? Surprisingly, your negative thoughts and beliefs have been sabotaging you. Has the fear of failure kept you from starting? Belief that you just don’t have what it takes? Belief you’re not good enough? Here’s where we dive in and explore the unique limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living your dreams. By the end of this module you’ll know how to lovingly transform doubt and worry into freedom, encouragement, and bravery.


Module Four-

Part of what makes chasing down our goals so intimidating is that they feel so BIG. Scale down the intimidation and overwhelm, and amp up the progress, momentum, and excitement with coaching tools designed to shrink life-sized tasks down into manageable portions. They’re your dreams! Taking steps to make them real doesn’t have to make you want to hide!


Module Five-

Only Prey Runs is not just the title of this course, but a mantra to summon courage during critical turning points. Do you seize the opportunity in front of you? Or shrink back? The ability to step into your boldness and hold your vision at these crossroads is critical if you want your dreams to take form. During these times, a simple mantra to call upon does far more than stacks of books on bravery at home. We’ll craft unique mantras for you to use to evoke your determination and enthusiasm when you need it most. We’ll also explore how to stay centered and confident even when you experience rejection, and de-mystify why you don’t have to be fearless to start making progress toward your dreams.


Module Six-

Visualization is a powerful tool. The profound benefits of meditating on your aspirations are well documented. However, most visualization methods involve picturing your dreams unfolding smoothly and without a hitch, which is not usually how dreams take form. The Only Prey Runs version of visualization is for use when you simply can’t stop yourself from worrying- from ruminating on all those challenges and obstacles you might encounter. This version of visualization will increase your confidence and resilience. If you’re going to spend time worrying, worry with a purpose. 


Module Seven-

This module is an eclectic treasure chest of tools to bust through a variety of roadblocks on your journey. Procrastination, perfectionism, and vulnerability avoidance will inevitably arise as you show up in a more authentic, lively way in the world. Often, we spend so long wrestling with these tricky difficulties that it takes away from the time we could be making actual progress toward our goals. The tools covered will free you from this cycle so you can spend less time wresting with difficulty and more time living your dreams.


Module Eight-

cheetahs teach life

Closing Session and Gratitude Ritual. Because cheetahs are at the heart of this program, we will be showing our gratitude to the species for the lessons imparted by donating a portion of the proceeds from Only Prey Runs to Cheetah Conservation Fund: the world’s leading organization dedicated to saving the cheetah in the wild. During the closing session we will bless your donation, and send it off to Cheetah Conservation Fund to work its magic for the species and the planet.



Coaching takes place over the phone and is priced $70.00 per hour long session. How fast or slow we move through the modules is fully customizable to meet your needs! 



Is Only Prey Runs for you?

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